VSM s1 system
VSM s1 photo-mirror system is an interactive system
designed to modernize a photo zone in an entertainment
establishment.It looks like a normal mirror.
Always on and ready to take pictures of people.

The system can be customized to the client’s request both
software (functional scalar) and technically (appearance/
adaptation to the interior).

The concept of interactive reveals the essence and the
degree of interaction of the two components. Each area
treats it differently.

We consider the interactive as the definition of the
interaction of technology (technology, software and their
totality) with humans.In the absence of any of these
components, this concept will lose its meaning.

Interactive is a complex process of improving and
collaborating different components.
When one of them (either an object – a machine or a
subject – a person) ceases to interact, the other
“pushes” it, thus continuing the cooperation.

Interactive systems are not just computers that offer
the activities you need to do.

Interactive systems are part of ourselves, our
experience, our perception of ourselves and each other.
This is a step towards creating a future for us and our

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