Interactive Electronics

Interactive systems must interact with people. These are projecting or LCD surfaces which react to touch or human presence.
We have experience in making interactive systems of all modern technologies, including infra-red optics, glass covers, frames and films. It particular gives a possibility to choose the most correct solution, depending on the purpose of the system and place of installation in accordance with the customer request. Interactive system can be both with standard technical parameters and manufactured to order.
Interactive projects are divided on standard and exclusive projects. Standard projects have characteristics listed on the site. Exclusive projects are made individually according to a specific order.

The Interactive Floor

   The «Interactive Floor» – is the active projection in dimensions 2×3 meters and sensitive to the people’s movements.
The system «Interactive Floor» – is a powerful tool of sales and entertainment in crowded places. It is perfect for any interior. It is the extraordinary way of presentation of new products, services, brands, which allows to throw any image on the floor, for example, a video clip, a game, information message and etc. with individual effects. The system is existed for usage inside the building.
The interactive effect – means an image, a picture, video or animation that react to human movements. Each system of «VENTUMmp» has the basic effects: «Vertigo», «Trigger», «Pata», «Logos», «Stampa», «Real». There is, also, the possibility to add new effects and control sequence of video presentation.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertisement (railway stations, Shopping and Entertainment Centres, HoReCaDi);
 •  Games and Entertainment (event, Shopping and Entertainment Centres);
 •  Navigation (Shopping and Entertainment Centres, railway stations, airports);
 •  Modern Art Museums;
 •  Medicine (children’s rehabilitation centres);
 •  Exhibition centres.
The memory hardware includes: the interactive system, the computer and the projector with attachment. The set is installed in sky; control is executed with the help of WiFi.
Installation of our system can be made with the help of a buyer, a building or an advertising organization. We have worked hard to control the interactive floor would be easy and within the capacity of people.
Advantages of the system «Interactive Floor»:
 •  Easy and demonstrative installation;
 •  All popular effects are in the system;
 •  The user can change effects itself;
 •  Distant fully-functional control;
 •  Possibility to add own effects.
Thus, the modern technologies not only make our everyday life richer, but also stimulate people to react with admiration on the interactive floor.

   For example, shop visitors gladly try technological innovations. Thus, according to the data of the research 40% of customers, who used one of new technologies in the store, have advised it to their friends. 33% of respondents confirmed that technologies increase productivity of shopping. 25% of respondents noted that shopping became more comfortable and more pleasant thanks to technologies.

Video Show- window

   We force the glass of the show-window of your establishment to work on its reputation (посилання).
The show-window of your establishment should look elegant and rich. It is the great and new approach to presenting information to a potential customer. Information, broadcasting on the show-window may have a different character: announcements, actions, advertising filmlets, games, consulting information or video of the logo of the company in dynamics and etc. One can agree – dynamics is always better than statics. The quick change of images is another undoubted advantage. Enough to start new video and your show-window will have another image.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertising (Shopping and Entertainment Centres, Electronics stores, auto shops, HoReCaDi, banks, filling stations);
 •  Games and Entertainment (event, Electronics stores, auto-shops);
 •  Modern Art Museums;
 •  Exhibition centres.
   The system «Video Show-window» includes the following components: a special cover-up which is applied on the transparent surface (glass) and does as a screen, a projector; it is located in the premises of the establishment, computer and specially developed software that controls the system.
   The video show-window can be different dimensions, usually the following 4: 3, 5: 4, 16: 9, 16:10. For example, the minimum size of the video show-window is 1 000 – 1 500 mm. The dimensions of the «video show-window» and the ratio of its dimensions can be random according to the special request.
Advantages of the system «Video Show-window»:
 •  Wide angle of view;
 •  Possibility to change visuals frequently;
 •  It is not take up much space, except the show-window;
 •  Dynamic and contrast picture that attracts attention.

   The «Video Show-window» – is an excellent way to emphasize its status and impact positively on the image, because, it is determined according to the research of the Company «POPAI» from the Netherlands that shopping is increased to 33% under the picture influence demonstrated by means of the system «Video Show-window».

The Video-Mirror

   «The element of décor» at your establishment can attract customers attendance and increase shopping.
The «Video-Mirror» – is an original form of interaction of two sides: technology and a human.
Outside this innovative advertising medium looks like as the usual mirror, but when a person comes closer to it, the informative video-clip appears / disappears on the mirror. It is undoubtedly attracts people attention to this advertising medium that is extremely practical in application.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertising (Business Centres, Shopping and Entertainment Centres, HoReCaDi, railway stations, airports);
 •  Modern Art Museums (halls, lavatories);
 •  Exhibition centres (halls).
The features of the «Video-mirror»: the screen is installed in sky of the advertising medium and the motion sensors act and the video-clip appears when the visitor comes nearer to it. The lower part of this advertising medium acts as the mirror. If there are no people in the premises, this medium looks like as the usual mirror.
Advantages of the advertising medium:
 •  Easy installation;
 •  Possibility to install distance of reaction of the motion sensors independently;
 •  Possibility to change visuals frequently;
 •  It is not take up much space;
Dynamic, contrast picture on the non-standard plane, which attracts attention.

   The dynamic media attracted attention of consumers on 50% more than static media. The «Video-Mirror» will provide greater effect for the purposes of trade marketing.

The EL-Panel

   It converts static picture into dynamic.
The EL-panel is used to illuminate the pictures indented on the transparent cover-up. In this case the picture brightness and quality is not worse than on the screen of the monitor. The electroluminescnet panel allows to get animation image, elements of which are highlighted in certain sequence programmed at the panel producing. Thus, the EL-panel can be used as for illumination and as an animated poster.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertising (Shopping and Entertainment Centres, Business Centres, transport, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets);
 •  Presentations, exhibitions.
The EL Panel – is the flexible plastic dynamically lit sheet, its thickness is 1 mm, with consistently highlighting areas of the image that is indented at producing. Typically, some areas of the dynamically lit poster to 50% from the total area of the poster are highlighted. For example, a logo-slogan-product, or vice versa: the product-slogan-logo. It is possible to highlight all posters by request of the client. Typical dimensions correspond to printing A6-A1.
Advantages of EL panels:
 •  It allows to display complex dynamic lighting.
 •  Thickness of the panel is 1 mm.
 •  It is used as internal and external advertising medium.
 •  It consumes little electric power.
 •  The panel is not heated during operation.
 •  Regular lighting across the surface.
 •  It is produced from eco-materials.
 •  Its operating life is at least 20,000 hours.

   These properties in combination with simplicity and usability of installation and service of the panel provide advantage over the sources of light radiation, made with usage of other technologies, especially in the sphere of advertising. It has many other applications, including car tuning (the el-panel operates from the car onboard electronics, it is stable to vibration, shaking and pushes).


The Interactive Consultant

The system «Interactive Consultant» – is an ideal tool for consultation and sales.
It allows to advertise effectively, to talk, to familiarize with your product by means of original way and it surprised the client without fail. And as a result, it gives detailed information about the product, promotion, proposal or service without mistakes.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertising (Shopping and Entertainment Centres, Business Centres);
 •  Consulting (tasting rooms, presentations, exhibitions, promotions);
 •  Modern Art Museum (a guide).
   In fact the interactive consultant is the projecting screen that looks like right to a T the figure of a man. But in accordance with its functionality – it is the high-tech advertising medium, controlled with software.
The silhouette of the consultant is made of acrylic (plexiglass), which is covered with the special cover-up. The visuals is broadcasted on the silhouette with the help of the multimedia projector, which is located behind the medium. The audio system provided by the Voice Guide and reproduction of consulting information. The specially developed software, which takes into account all the desired functions of the consultant operates the whole system.
Advantages of the system «Interactive Consultant»:
 •  Possibility to create the unique design of the dummy;
 •  Minimal costs and high efficiency in comparison with ordinary promoter;
 •  Working hours are 24 hours, 365 days without holidays and weekends;
 •  Operational replacement of the video content by means of overwriting of the visuals;
 •  It takes up little space – about 1.5 meters of square;
 •  100% provision of information about the products;
 •  It is always in high spirits and wants to work;
 •  It is independent from human factor and bad habits;
 •  One can use different effects (for example, if the pet food is presented – the package is «exploded»).

 Thus, you can ensure your establishment with the impeccable «employee», which will provide the necessary information to the customers, it is always looks all right, it is corresponds to the criteria of corporate style, it contacts with people politely and socially… The client will not be neglected and get feeling of care about it.

The Projector of the Logo

Large dimensions of projection and easy replacement of the plot.
Projectors of ther logos allow to reflect the huge logos, inscriptions and signs. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. The image is projected on the wall, the floor the ceiling or the building through the gobo-lens. These projectors can replace lightboxes or fireproof walls. In addition, the projecting image looks brightly and effectively.
Some models of the projectors of logos have dynamics (they can rotate or move the logo, there are also the model with dynamic change of 2-4 logos).
The projector can be attached to a wall or a ceiling.
Areas of application:
 •  Advertising sector (Shopping and Entertainment Centres, Business Centres, filling stations, shops, subway).
 •  Games and Entertainment (event, clubs).
 •  Exhibitions and presentations.
Advantages of the projectors of logos application:
 •  It helps to save money at frequent replacement of images on large projection: it is cheaper than to print new graphics.
 •  It has lower operating cost in comparison with the multimedia projector.
 •  Easy installation and setup.
 •  Possible dynamics of the logo.
 •  It takes up little space.
 •  It is effective on uneven surfaces.