The main task of the «VENTUMmp» Company from the moment of its foundation was solution of difficult technical problems. We offer ready technical solutions, because we are busy with development of new projects of any complexity in accordance with every client’s specific needs.

The notion «engineering» comes from English and was used in the sphere of building roads, bridges, airports, waterworks. Later this notion was spreaded in the sphere of industry and foreign economic activity of the developing countries.

Engineering – is the synonym for the notion «engineering». It is this set of techniques and methods that company uses to design its activity. This notion is acquired by people now.

Having transferred the notion «engineering» on the type of its activity, our company began to understand it differently, but it does not change its etymology and essence.

Engineering – is the process from rise of the idea of the project to implementation of this project in to life; and this project goes according to definite cycle in the form of its presentation of various engineering and consulting services one the commercial base. Therefore, engineering covers all stages of innovation cycle of development of mankind technological possibilities.

Engineering uses analytical, project and post-project servives to solve the set problems. Our company provides fully these services in the sphere of interactive.